How do I find cheap rental property in my area?

Properties that are less expensive are generally located in outlying suburbs, or locations without the amenities you’d find closer to cities and regional hubs. They also tend to be smaller in size, without conveniences like dishwashers or air conditioning. You should talk to an agent and discuss your needs. They will have some suggestions.

What are the normal lease periods? Can I get long-term leases?

The normal rental lease is 6 or 12 months. You may be able to negotiate shorter or longer tenancies but the final decision rests with the property owner.

What upfront costs should I factor in?

There are three costs that you need to factor in at the start of a tenancy. You’ll need to pay:

  1. Upfront rental payment of between two weeks
  2. Bond – generally the equivalent of  four weeks; rent.
  3. Application fee – if applicable.
How do I find a pet-friendly home? I have a dog and a cat.

You may find that pet-friendly properties are harder to come by. If a home you like isn’t designated as pet friendly, contact the property manager. They may be able to give you more information or help you find a more suitable property.

It’s worthwhile putting together an application pack for your pet including letters from past landlords, vets and trainers. You can save time by including this pack when you submit an application for a property. If you do find a pet-friendly rental home, you may need to pay pet bond in some states.

Can I add someone else to the lease?

In most cases you can add someone to your current lease but you MUST get written permission from the Agent and Owner to do so.

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Posted in Renting On 23 March, 2016