Preparing your Property for Tenancy

Here at Realnest property solutions we pride ourselves on securing quality tenants for our Landlords. We are able to do this because we offer viewings on demand, we process applications immediately upon receipt & we show our prospective tenants the genuine respect they deserve and in turn the best tenants prefer to rent with us.

Preparing your property correctly for rent will also benefit the rental process in a number of ways,

  • Having a well presented and clean home will attract more tenants therefore giving you a larger number of possible tenants to select from.
  • The property will generally lease quicker because it is ready for tenancy and no other work is required before tenants move in
  • We are able to detail a thorough Property Condition Report and the continual maintenance and upkeep from the tenant is manageable.

Below we have created a checklist which we encourage you to use when preparing your property for tenancy.

MAIL – Please re-direct your mail, or inform Ross Toy of the forwarding address of your previous tenant.

UTILITIES – Electricity, Gas, Phone etc. Please ensure all accounts are advised and cancelled, tenants will re-connect using their details prior to tenancy commencement.
Note: Water & Council Rates will remain in owner’s name, please advise realnest property solutions if you wish us to pay on your behalf.

APPLIANCE MANUALS – Please give ALL copies to Realnest property solutions, we scan and provide tenants with a soft copy to access this information and retain originals in property file.

KEYS – It is a legislative requirement that any door, window, screen door, garage etc, that has a lock fixed MUST have a key given to the tenant. We require 2 FULL SETS OF KEYS (1 set for office, 1 set for each tenant on tenancy agreement) in the event not all keys are given to Realnest property solutions we will cut extras at owners expense.

REMOTES (Complex Access, Garage) – If your property has a double garage or secure car spacing for
more than 1 car you are required to offer tenants remotes equal to the amount of car spacing, please also note in apartment complexes that require electronic key access Realnest property solutions will also require appropriate electronic access (in most cases we will not require garage remotes, but swipe cards to access apartment unit is needed).

WALLS – Please clean off any dirt marks, scuff marks etc. If you are re-painting we strong encourage you to use a WASH & WEAR Paint.

CEILINGS – Please remove cobwebs

LIGHTS/ FITTINGS – Please clean off dust, dead insects & make sure globe is in working order.

CEILING FANS – Please dust and clean blades

SKIRTINGS – Please dust & wipe with damp cloth

WINDOWS – Please make sure windows are cleaned both inside and out, please make sure all tracks are cleaned and free from dirt or dust build up.

DOORS – Please clean all Doors removing scuff marks, make sure all handles are secure and intact.

FLYSCREENS – Please brush and are dusted down. Please note any screens present in house must not be – torn or damaged. Please discuss this with a Ross Toy Property Manager

STOVE TOPS – Please make sure all stove tops are clean including any removable parts.

OVEN – Please make sure oven is thoroughly cleaned including any trays, griller racks or other inserts.

RANGEHOOD – Often forgotten! Please make sure filters and removed, soaked/cleaned and frames are clean

TOILET – Please clean cistern, seat, bowl inside and also outside around base.

LAUNDRY – Please clean inside and outside of trough, don’t forget inside laundry cupboards.

TILING WALL & FLOORING – Please make sure all grout on all Tiles are scrubbed and cleaned.

AIR-CONDITIONING – Please clean all vents and filters and make sure change batteries for the remote.

CUPBOARDS/DRAWER – Please clean/wash inside & out.

CURTAINS – Please wash any washable curtains and netting.

GARDENS – Please make sure all gardens are free from weds and preferably freshly mulched.

LAWNS – Please make sure lawns are freshly mowed and edges trimmed.

GARAGE/SHEDS – Please make sure all sheds, garages are cleaned out and free from cobs webs

BINS – Please make sure there are appropriate bins provided and are emptied and clean

LETTERBOX – Please make sure the letterbox is secure and intact, remove any mail. With number clearly

FENCING & GATES – Please make sure all fences are secure and intact and all side, rear gates are able
to be opened with ease.

POOL/SPA MAINTENANCE – All swimming pools must have a continuous safety barrier maintained by
The pool owner that restricts access by young children to the pool. Please refer to for safety guidelines for consumers and ensure your fencing and pool equipment complies with the current legislation. Realnest property solutions encourages all owners to include monthly pool maintenance in weekly rent. Please discuss this with your property manager who can also arrange costs and expected costs.


Posted in Property Tips On 29 March, 2016