Buying Tips

Eyeing on that ‘house’ besides the sea? Or that majestic mansion with lavish garden on the hill? Or that modern home with all the hustle-bustle of the city? Look no more. Here’re some tips, directly from the expert’s pocket, to help you find your perfect abode. And yes, we have planned it down to the T - just for YOU:

1. Keep your budget in check

When it comes to buying a new home or office, it becomes extremely crucial that you plan your finance right. If you don’t have the required knowledge to plan it out all, we recommend that you seek financial advice from an expert. Apply for a loan if you don’t have enough savings at hand. Even a single miscalculation can push your D-Day to a few years ahead in future.

2. Make a wish-list

Now that you have your budget planned, it’s time to make a wish-list. Note down all your requirements, the areas you’ve always planned to live in, proximity to the market, amenities, leisure facilities, so on and so forth. Once you have made this list, you’ve already half way down your path to your dream home.

3. Research is the key

Make a point of attending every auction that’s being held in your preferred area, and run a check on your finances, and map accordingly. Besides this, keep an eye on local selling advertisements, and religiously browse through different property options given to you by the real estate agent.

4. Make real estate agent your “helping-buddy”

Given the massive raging eye on property listings, some properties are sold even before they could make it to the advertisements. To keep yourself updated, it is essential that you enrol yourself into the list of potential buyers. We recommend you to bring real estate agent into loop so that he can help you with all the queries.

5. Stay connected

Make a point of providing your real estate agent with all contact details.

6. Search your home the Sherlock-way!

Once a property listing aligning with your requirement comes across your agent, he will fill in all the details of the property. Search the property with every angle in mind as this house is going to be your abode for years to come. Run a building and pesticide test to know of any new defects. Investigate your home like the hawk-eyed that you’re!

7. Get your finances pre-approved

Save, save, save. Opportunities may come and go in the wink of an eye. You never know when you come across your dream home. It is recommended that you get your finances pre-approved, and make necessary arrangements for the same.

8. Negotiate & Call it a deal!

Now that you’ve decided on buying a property, negotiate with the contractor to fit in your budget. Don’t go too far with the bargaining business, evaluate the property rates and estimate the optimum amount of the property. Once the negotiation is done, sign the contract and call it a deal by paying 10% deposit!

9. Alternative Ways:

You may also attend different auctions before finalising the deal. Keep a check on different advertisements which might intimidate of various auction events happening in your city. Do your homework before you attend any auction so as to save you from a bad deal. The whole purpose of auction is to settle the deal on the same day itself. Check the property before you sign the contract.

10. Ask for possession

There are chances that the client might ask you for a relaxation of 3-6 months before you possess the property. But don’t stretch it too long since the deal might be a fake one. It is recommended that you run a background check of the client and the property.

11. Be prepared for the house-warming ceremony.

Now that you have the possession, sit back and relax. Throw a house-warming party for all the people you love.