Property Management: 

As a premier boutique property management provider in NSW, we at realnest property solutions are focused on return maximization. We find the most appropriate tenants for your properties and eliminate the headaches of investment property. ROI Maximization Market rates are ever changing. To ensure your property is competitively priced, we routinely review the market and advice on pricing strategy. 

Tenant Acquisition 

When defined to its core, property management comes down to tenant acquisition. Bringing the wrong tenants into your property can prove disastrous, and worse, quite costly. We provide background and credit checks on all prospective tenants, ensuring the best outcomes. 


REALNEST is a proactive management company. We work to limit turnover; however, when a lease expires without renewal, we prepare for their exit. It is our goal to limit vacancies as much as possible, and we begin a tenant search long before your property is empty. We AVOID revenue loss at all costs.     

Peace of Mind   

With REALNEST serving as your property management company, you can check your worries at the door. Our goal is to provide soup-to-nuts service through our local market expertise and network of professionals such as Accountant, Advisors and Valuers covering all of your investor needs.